Message from the Editors

The COVID-19 pandemic has consumed global attention and caused the medical community to quickly learn how to best diagnose and manage this emerged infectious disease. These unprecedented times have resulted in efforts by the medical community to rapidly organize and publish any and all information regarding COVID-19. While the speedy dissemination of information can help clinicians around the globe potentially better manage their patients, there is also the concern that premature conclusions of efficacy or lack of efficacy may negatively influence care. Studies performed during this pandemic are uniformly falling short of our usual standard of randomized controlled trials with participants matched based on intervention and severity of illness. Overall, most journals have valued the speed to publish the most up-to-date results rather than focus on the significant flaws of these early studies.

At Clinical Therapeutics, we welcome your COVID-19 studies and want to be part of disseminating the most useful information to help clinicians around the world. However, we also want to help raise the bar on the quality of published COVID-19 research. We welcome COVID-19 studies from around the world on any aspect of the infection. While we value new findings, we are particularly interested in studies that attempt to incorporate the high standards we usually expect in clinical research.

Topics of interest include: randomized trials evaluating outcomes with different therapies; papers describing the performance of new diagnostic modalities and widespread testing; and medium-term outcomes data for patients that have recovered from infection. We recommend a pre-submission inquiry with our editorial team for papers outside of the scope of these interests. Papers that offer a simple review of clinical manifestations or treatment options, and/or summarize the currently available literature are less appealing to our editorial team.

We send those dealing with COVID our best wishes for helping their patients and for staying safe in the process. We hope you will consider Clinical Therapeutics as a home for your future publications.