PP152—Tendency to Higher Activity of CYP3A5 in Women with Stillbirth


      CYP3A5 is an enzyme known to be involved in metabolism of human hormones – progesterone and testosterone, which metabolism may play a role in either disease origin or treatment efficacy in women with stillbirth. There is a common genetic polymorphism leading to its increased activity (6986*>G). Our aim was to investigate possible role of this polymorphism in stillbirth.

      Patients (or Materials) and Methods

      All women admitted to gynecology department of university clinics with verified diagnoses of still birth were considered for recruitment to the study. At the same time women who attended routine pregnancy registration were screened and recruited at the same time as the study group being matched by their age and concomitant diseases. All women who gave informed consent were recruited. Peripheral venous blood samples were drawn into EDTA tubes. Dna was extracted. Polymerase chain reaction in real time was performed to detect genetic variants of CYP3A5 *3/*1 (6986*>G). Chi-square test was used for frequency comparisons using statistical software Graphpad Prizm 5.0.


      Fifty-three women with stillbirth were recruited to the study. Control group consisted of 92 matched women. Frequency of the minor allele A in the study group was 8%, in the control group – 4% (р = 0.1; chi-square). The following genotypes distribution was observed in the study group: АА – 0.02; AG – 0.13; GG – 0.85. In the control group the following genotype distribution was observed: АА – 0.01; AG – 0.05; GG – 0.94. Distributions corresponded to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.


      In our prospective study, we observed tendency to genetic predisposition to higher activity of CYP3A5 in women with stillbirth compared with matched women with normal pregnancy. The results, however, did not reach statistical significance, which may demonstrate either lack of real association or insufficient number of subjects recruited. The observation needs to be proved or disproved in a larger population.

      Disclosure of Interest

      None declared.